The End Of Suffering

Check out my latest published book. After spending countless hours working up to its release, I’m proud to announce that it’s finally ready. Poetic, illuminating and full of wisdom; it is the book for every seeker and is the next book for you. If you like my poetry and other writings I guarantee you’ll love this one as well.

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My Story

I am a Sufi Poet, Mystic and Qur’anic Gnostic from Southampton, England.

I have always been a seeker of The Divine, even since I was a young child. My life has been dedicated to the spiritual path, however, my spirituality really began to blossom when I encountered Sufi Islam. I took a Shaykh many years ago, which greatly benefited me. But it wasn’t until Ramadan 2018 when I began to meditate solely on God, that I had a hugely profound spiritual experience of unity and direct inner communion, which has continued ever since.​

My parents always encouraged me to express myself through the arts. My writing and poetry have taken many forms over the years, and sharing it with the world has been one of my greatest achievements. Since I began to share my poetry which is based on by direct spiritual experience and outflowing of Divine Love, I’ve never looked back. I have been constantly improving my poetic artistry and developing a soul touching style. My aim when writing, is for every world to be felt wholeheartedly bu the reader, and to bring forth an inner connection to the soul, to love, and to The Divine Essence - God.

"I am nothing more than a pen, surrendering to your hand, weeping Your name lovingly upon the page"

Lewis Abdullah Cattell


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Lewis Abdullah Cattell